Journey of a Lifetime

Sommer's Hold

In this game, you will not be choosing a class, you will be earning it by gathering the skills necessary. You will start as a human child between the ages of 10 and 13. If you choose 12/13 you may choose a caste in which you are being trained in, however if you choose 10/11 you are a gatherer. This is just the start, so no worries. As was stated prior, you will be earning the class you desire as your character gets older. The magic age has past, and it is now the age of man. So, though your blood may be mixed rather thinly, you may have mixed blood. Just inform me prior and we’ll see if you’ve inherited anything from the bloodline. Now read on for further details of the town and the castes.

Possible sommer s hold 1

At the foot of the great mountain range of Yecothacho sits a small trading town almost on top of Lake Sacred, Sommer’s Hold. This town holds no allegiance to any kingdom, and sits right in the middle of two allied nations, Gakuo and Hecayate. It’s economy stems a great deal from those that pass through their town to get to the other side for whatever their reasons. They are incredibly friendly people who’ve learned not to ask questions of their guests and keep them happy for better monetary rewards.

Most of the villagers are of the tradesmen caste, whilst the rest are of what is usually classified as peasants, though they themselves do not. Each group has their own leader that organizes the way things of their field of expertise are used. The job types are as follows: tradesman, craftsmen, hunters, fisherman, farmers and gatherers.

The tradesman are those that try and sell or trade their wares for those of the outside world. They bring in and keep the business each year, sometimes trading for other goods, while at others trading for coins of either kingdom. They try to keep up to date upon the worth of each coin, so as when they use it to exchange for good from other outsiders they aren’t themselves cheated. Innkeepers and the like are also considered tradesman in this town, though they generally only get coin. Those that run inns usually are the wives and children of the tradesman that sell and trade wares throughout the day in stalls or buildings. The head tradesman is the one that can consistently keep a good business flow, this person, be he man or woman becomes the “leader” of this town, and that man hasn’t changed in 15 years. He is Simon Althergack father to Therese and Sean, husband to Trisha Althergack-Syn.

Those of the craftsmen caste are given materials with plans in order to make the items, some are designated to work with the tradesman only, whilst others are villagers only. The leaders of this caste are the masters of their craft. Delia Stengo seamstress, Mikhail Davenport boat maker, Willy Thompson blacksmith, Tyra Neln leather worker, Lester Jakobs cook, Shirley Heing shoemaker, Larabold Tyskel carver/wittler, and the oldest of the lot Amsened Liverworst general. When making a decision that affects all craftsmen they come together as a council and vote on the matter. Otherwise they each are in charge of their craft.

The hunters are those that go into the mountains and do just as their name states, they hunt. They hunt little beasties for their meat, fur, bones, everything that can be used. They hunt those that would cause harm to the farmers livestock, or those that would cause harm to the village. If bandits are desiring to cause trouble, the hunters are the ones that take care of the problem. The leader is the most skilled of the hunters, Eliza Stolk brings in the most kills, is the best with stealth, and has the most patience (though her children Casper Stolk, Neopold Stolk and Lionel Stolk would say otherwise).

The fisherman may not be the best in the world, but they are good enough to catch the rare silver back fresh water salmon that is found only in their lake. They also keep track of the population, being careful to keep them from going extinct. They work hard to keep their water clean. Sean Esther is the head fisherman that keeps the lake clean.

There are two types of farmers, those that raise livestock and those that grow things. Emelia Watz is the head livestock farmer and Leik Tyler is the head harvester. What they raise/grow is primarily used for the village, though some wish to trade for what they raise/grow or things made from such.

The gatherers are primarily children that are too young to learn a specific trade and old enough to help out. The berries, nuts and wood mostly goes to the craftsmen, of course they’ll “sneak” some home or just eat some of what they gather. The gatherers don’t have a specified leader, they are usually asked by one of their parents or a craftsmen for something that is needed/wanted or just to get them out from under foot.

There is one healer with one apprentice in this village, Sheila Comslen trains young Isabella Liverworst to be the next healer, and when she retires, then a new apprentice will be taken in.

Now, choose your caste in life.


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